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Trying to plan a vacation can be both tough and frustrating at the same time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve prepared you a couple of such travel resources to help you plan your dream vacation:

1. Tours:

Day tours are a great way to travel as it shows you places you can’t get to on your own and the food tours can introduce you to new cuisine of that particular place you’re visiting.

Take Walks: This offers fantastic and interesting tours of the big sights, adding to that some great food tours as well.

Intrepid: Small group travel for all ages and all over the world. Their tours consist of various themes, like food or cycling or wildlife or even family.

2. Accommodation:

When you’re on a vacation, where you stay majorly counts. Some of you might want to splurge for a more comfortable hotel, while some of you might sacrifice a little comfort if it saves you a little money. So, decide how important comfort is to you.

TripAdvisor: Your one-stop shop for reading hotel reviews and booking hotels as well as doing a lot of research for your upcoming trip.

Airbnb: Looking for short or long term apartment rentals? Well, you’re in the right place.

HostelWorld and HostelBookers: Giving you a wide range of hostels, guesthouses, and hotels to choose from.

HomeAway: Yet another option similar to Airbnb.

3. Cruise:

Taking a
is fascinating since it allows you to see several places at one go and you don’t even have to keep changing hostels every now and then. Take a look at these options below:

Cruise Direct: Great site for finding cruises. From traditional ocean cruises to river cruises, with last minute deals- you’ll find everything in one place.

Vacations To Go: Flexible search options for finding cruises, including a 90-day ticker for finding best deals and discounts on cruises departing within 90 days.

4. Destination Guides:

Even in this digital era, sometimes you just can’t beat a good guidebook particularly if you’re looking for the nitty-gritty.

Lonely Planet: You’ll find great sources of information about the place you’re visiting as they are written by independent travellers. You’re bound to love their visual layout as well. Try out their recommendations, they are amazing!

Apply these travel tricks to plan your vacation in the most convenient way possible. To know more call us today!

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