Exploring the Sparkling Shores of the Bahamas

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Many of the Bahamas’ islands have gained allegiance from travellers for a reason: its palm-fringed shores, sandy beaches and twinkling turquoise waters. On the contrary, its popularity also means the sparkling beaches can be overwhelmingly crowded.

For travellers willing to explore less-trodden shores and miles of pristine beach, we have curated a couple of them for you:

1. Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island: Could such a thing be real? When most of us think about the Bahamas, the first and foremost thing that crosses our minds is the beach. Pink Sands Beach is the place to visit for three miles of perfectly pink sand and gentle waters. Harbour Island clings to its tranquillity, therefore the pink sand beach is lined by private villas and resorts. If you are a newly married couple, spend the day lounging with your partner, or if a little activity gets you going, head offshore for a quick snorkelling jaunt.

2. Paradise Beach, Paradise Island: Known as Paradise Island’s most breathtaking stretch of sand, Paradise Beach retains a sultry sense of seclusion away from the common din of the otherwise bustling city life. A mile of white sand on the island’s northern shore is surrounded by lapping waves and crystal clear water. Choose to bask along a pristine coastline or get to explore more with shore excursions and in case you want some respite from the scorching sun, get under one of those thatched huts.

3. Saddle Cay, Exumas: The curving shores of Saddle Cay lure vacationers with its delightfully isolated ambience. Nothing sullies the shoreline, thereby you can enjoy this Bahamian paradise in its untouched glory. Bring snorkelling gear or prepare for a quiet afternoon admiring the sparkling beach. If this is not a way to unwind, then what is?

4. Stocking Island, Exumas: Head to the snow white shores of Stocking Island, located just over a mile from the port or Georgetown, the capital of Great Exuma Island. This island is an abode to many hotels but you can also indulge yourself in many beach activities. When you get hunger pangs, head to the beach bar, Chat n’ Chill, for some freshly-made conch salad and some beers, of course! All you beach lovers, you can easily spend a drowsy afternoon here.

5. Cat Island, Southern Bahamas: With wisps of white sandy shores strung along its coastline, Cat Island serves to be one of the island’s prettiest and most tranquil beaches. Spend the day relaxing in the midst of casuarina trees or watch the turquoise waters hug the shores at their leisure. If you’re looking for a family outing, this beach is sure to serve all your wishes.

We’re sure our picks for the best shores will help you with planning your next trip to the Bahamas.