5 ways to stay Safe while Travelling Alone

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You might be taken by one of those spontaneous whims of riding solo but that comes with a bunch of what-ifs along the way.

What if nobody wants to help you get to where you need to go?

What if you get robbed?

What if you get attacked?

Here are Five such top Travelling Tips on Staying Safe:

1. Protect your Important Documents:

You should always keep a copy of your passport, visas, credit cards, travel insurance and anything else that you think is important. You can email a copy to yourself as well. When out and about, carry just the credit card and the cash you need. Most importantly, leave your passport in the safe, unless you need it for any identification purposes.

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2. Be picky about Hotels:

When you’re looking for hotels or resorts, make sure to keep an eye out for things like the location- avoid staying down an alley with poor security, ensure to have 24-hour reception so there is always someone around.

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3. Stranger Danger:

Not everyone you meet appears what they seem to be, no matter how friendly or sweet they are to you. Staying a little cautious is what you need to keep in mind especially when travelling solo.

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4. Let your Bank know your Plans:

Always let your bank know when and where you are going overseas. That way they won’t cancel your cards if any kind of ‘suspicious activity’ is flagged. Also, when using ATMs, it is advised to hide your pin pad so that no hidden cameras can see.

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5. Leave your itinerary and contact details with someone at Home:

It’s extremely important that someone close to you stays aware of your whereabouts when you’re travelling, particularly when you are on your own. Let them know through any medium that you’re okay.

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Last, but certainly not the least, always trust your instincts. If it feels wrong or looks too good to be true, don’t settle for it. Walk away, find an alternative- your gut is rarely wrong! For more details contact us today.