The most asked Questions about Bahamas Travel

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With its infinite stretch of white sandy beaches, blue seas and year-round sun, the Bahamas perfectly fits to be the idyllic destination to relax and unwind. Those willing to explore, however, should be aware of the travel tips to this exotic land.

When is the ideal time to visit?Calendar

With prevailing warm weather throughout the year, you can visit the Bahamas any time of the year, although the ideal time to travel is considered to be between September and May. It’s advised to avoid the hurricane season which falls between June and November.

Do you need a Visa?

Bahamas Passport

British passport holders, citizens of the United States of America, Canada, the European Union and most other Commonwealth countries do not require a visa to enter the Bahamas. You need to ensure your passport is valid for at least six months at the time of your trip. You’ll also need to show any evidence of accommodation for the duration of your stay.

What’s there to do on a Bahamas Vacation?

Under Water

The sapphire blue waters and stunning beaches are reasons enough for every beach junkie to visit the Bahamas. And for all you active travellers, you can also opt to go for scuba diving, kayaking or snorkelling-the choice is yours. Nassau is the hub of a few galleries and museums that celebrate significant historical events. So pay a visit if the bygone days appeal to you.

What is the local currency?

Local Currency

The Bahamian dollar is considered to be the local currency, although U.S. dollars are also widely accepted. Debit and credit cards are also accepted in most of the places- now that’s a relief!

Everything you need to know about the popular Islands


The two most popular islands are Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island. Paradise Island is next to New Providence Island, where the Bahamian capital city of Nassau is located and is connected to it by two bridges.

What to eat in the Bahamas?

Bahamas Local Food

Explore the distinct flavours of fresh local seafood- the most found on the menu. You might as well want to try out the local lager, the classic Bahamian cocktail or rum-based beverages. Savour yourself to this culinary adventure!

Get to know this tropical haven which not only is eminent for its marine life but also for the wrecks, invasion and pirate raids that have added a touch of mystery to it.

With this complete Bahamas trip package, we are sure to give you an unforgettable Bahamian holiday.