Six Travel Myths About All-Inclusive Hotels And Resorts

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The thought of waiting in a long queue for buffet might be a nightmare, I mean who wants such a thing on a beach vacation! But there’s so much more to it- from top-notch cuisine to exceptional service to amazing accommodations, there are properties that set the standard for a relaxing holiday where you don’t have to worry about anything. Let’s debunk six such myths about all-inclusive hotels and resorts.

Food is Lousy:

Most all-inclusive have restaurants serving a variety of cuisine or at least a kitchen that has a revolving menu to keep your taste buds intrigued throughout. The food being mass-prepared and long lines at buffets is surely a myth.

They’ll nickel and Dime you:

It might be of a notion that to really enjoy the perks of a resort, you’ve to go out of your budget but let’s have you corrected there. While some things like spa therapy come with a price. So it’s better to consult a travel advisor so that he can chalk out a better plan for you.

What if you be around people you don’t want to be around?

Each property is said to be different and draws a different clientele. If you are more eager to be secluded from all the hustle and bustle, there are private spaces or if you want to indulge in activities, then there’s one for you as well. And to decide better, you’re advised to consult with a trip advisor. The advisor can discover your preferences and needs and make recommendations based on the same.

Service is not up to the Mark:

You must be wondering that since everything is included, you won’t get any personal treatment. But that’s totally not true. The staff is always there to cater to all your needs. Say, for instance, you like to have Diet Coke, you’ll find the fridge stocked with it.

All accommodations are the Same:

Every resort comes with varying amenities and types of rooms to suit your taste as well as budget. Some resorts are meant for romance, some are family-friendly and some are just perfect for that one girls’ weekend getaway that you’ve been planning for. So it will be wrong to assume that all-inclusive is dull. Choosing the right type of resort should be just as tailored to your needs as any other travel plans.

Adults-Only is just for Couples:

This adults-only resort has gained popularity over the years, but it’s not limited to adults. Not only this has been enjoyed by couples but also used for reunions, bachelor parties or that ‘much needed’ break with your closest ones. So this myth that you’ve to be in pairs to make the most of such resorts is simply not true, it’s great for couples and singles alike.

All-inclusive comes with a lot of ease and peace of mind that any traveller could ask for. However, these travel myths regarding hotels and beach resorts exist because not enough people are able to find out what’s best for them. To know more about exclusive deals and offers call us today at  561-860-9739.

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