How to Learn any Foreign Language Quickly

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Have a rush on this whole ‘learning a new language’ thing? Maybe you need to learn a language so you can speak it on an upcoming trip. Or so you can take up the new job opportunity- there can be so many reasons as to why you need to learn a new language.

Whatever your reason be, you can probably agree it’d be ideal to learn it fast. Here are some of the quick learning hacks that should work well.

Avoid Shifting Gears Between Languages

If a drop of water is flowing on an uneven surface, it’s natural it will follow the direction of the steepest slope. The brain also functions similarly. So, while learning languages, don’t get distracted by anything else in a language that’s different to the one you’re learning. If you’re, for example, learning French, then try (as much as possible) not to read, listen or even say anything in a language other than French. Make an effort to think, with simple phrases, in French.

Set Certain Goals

The very initial step to learning a new language is to set new goals for what you want to achieve. Put these following guidelines to get the most from your goals:

  • Set Short-Term Goals: It’s good to have an ultimate goal- the thing you ultimately want to achieve. So, one of the easy ways to reach there is broking down your ultimate goal into smaller bits and set smaller goals.

  • Challenge Yourself: Goals work best when they make you push yourself. But don’t make it extremely daunting for you that might discourage you.

  • Write Down Your Goals: Writing down goals helps you commit to them, better.

Study Smart

When learning your words, you’ll learn faster by using the very best study techniques. For example, one of the best ways to learn a word is to use flashcards. They help you focus on individual words and allow you to test yourself, which helps you memorize new information.

Some more great strategies beyond flashcards include:

Visualize and Vocalize: Visualize the new word you’re learning, imagine the image of what it represents and say the new word aloud. This surely will help you to memorize it better.

Gesture: Use physical actions while learning, for the brain learns better that way. Take advantage of this by gesturing.

Use these learning tips to learn a new language in the fastest way possible. To know more call us today!

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