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5 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good For Your Soul

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Meditation, yoga or even a good night’s sleep- you know all these things are good for you. A vital addition to that list is travel, which offers a plethora of health benefits to your mind, body, and soul. If you are one of those avid travelers, you can attest to the excitement that comes from being surrounded in a new environment. Let us tell you why traveling is good for the soul:

Promotes good health:

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Travel promotes a lot of physical exertion, whether it’s rushing through the airport, walking the streets, or hiking a mountain. And as we all know, physical exercise is a sign of good health.

Makes you more challenging:

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When you’re exposed to a new environment, you get to experience a lot of new things (which happens during travel, essentially). It enables you to challenge newer situations. You tend to meet new people, explore different cultures which can contribute in making you a more experienced person.

Works as a stress buster:

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We assure you once you get on the plane to literally anywhere, you’ll feel half of your burden off your shoulders. You’re free to discover anything, feel completely carefree in knowing that the only stressful thing you might have to face is what to eat next. Pretty relatable, right?

You get to meet new people:

travelling health benefits

New faces all around, how exciting can that be? Well, if you are exploring on your own, you get to knock new doors, hang out with different kinds of people and push yourself out of your comfort zone. We promise you an incredible experience altogether.

Shifts perspective:

traveling reduces stress

Travel broadens your perspectives, not only of the world but also of yourself. You’re bound to find yourself in situations which you won’t find otherwise. You’re faced with the reality of living outside your comfort zone, which no matter how uncomfortable it gets, leaves you with ample of opportunities

travel stress relief

These are just some of the travel tips for good soul. Travel as much and for as long as you can. Go out and explore the world because there’s so much to see!

Things you need to tick off before you fly!

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Plane tickets purchased? Check.

Resort booked? Check.

You may think most of your work is done but it’s actually the beginning of a range of tasks to tick off before you board your flight. Consult these traveling tips to make sure you’re well prepared:

international travel tips

Before you leave your house:

  • Check-in online to avoid a long queue at the airport. You can usually check-in online up to 24 hours before your flight.
  • Find out if your carrier charges extra fees for baggage or any kind of an additional fee.
  • Make sure you’ve all the important travel documents with you (ID/Passports).
  • Ensure you’re not traveling with any prohibited items. If you were planning to, ship them instead or it will get confiscated at the airport.

Do a lot of research:

tips before traveling

  • Read up on how to avoid hidden fees that can bust your travel budget.
  • Know what to expect inside your carrier.
  • Consider printing out specific sections from travel guides to refer during your trip.
  • Have a layover? Make a list of the things you can do before you board your next scheduled flight.

Travel Insurance is a must!

check before travelling

You might have some insurance coverage and just not aware about it. Check with your health insurance provider, credit card company and see what all are covered during your travel. Some of it include overseas medical coverage, some just cover personal property and transportation expenses.

Get immunizations:

travel document checklist

Immunizations are necessary prior to travel. You might be asked for a proof before you enter some countries. Consult your doctor for destination-specific information.

Keep copies:

traveling tips

Ever lose your passport or other important documents? Well, that’s not unnatural. Avoid as much hassle as possible by making photocopies. Store them in a safe place before you head out. Also, leave copies at home with somebody you can get in touch with in an emergency.

So for all you first time travelers, we hope this travel check-list helps you!

Plan A Detox Holiday For Your Perfect Health

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Take a break from that on-the-go life and breathe!

Stay out of that rat race.

We all are victims of everyday hustle which is why wellness travel has seen such a huge spike recently with people terming cheering to cocktail-fuelled beach vacations as the perfect detox holiday plan. But let’s break that bubble, the word ‘detox’ is no longer synonymous with chugging a beer or sipping margaritas but has grown to encompass the aspects of mental and emotional well-being as well. Spa resorts and wellness centres have incorporated yoga sessions, acupuncture, and meditation classes, complemented with curated diet plans. Here’s our edit of the holiday hacks you could try:

Indulge yourself with spa therapies and activities designed to help you de-stress and unwind. And being in the Bahamas you’d be able to immerse yourself in the peaceful idyllic beaches. Re-energise your body and mind by choosing your favourite spa treatments and holistic activities.

Soft and light adventure, especially when you’re on a holiday is a must. In fact, it’s a great idea to add some kind of fun element to your vacation.

You can also opt for the ultimate Bahamian bathing ritual, where a fragrant bouquet of tropical flowers begins your aromatherapeutic journey, followed by a massage. This is the perfect option if you need a peaceful spa experience.

Try the Atlantis Rejuvenation Center, one of the newest wellness retreats in the Bahamas. An experience so blissful that will linger even after a month. Their meditation and healing workshops and treatments will restore you. It even promises a personal transformation if you choose to go on one of those shore excursions: swimming with wild dolphins.

How about ayurvedic massages with sunset views? This setting can be found in the stunning Paradise Island. At Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat you’re signing up for an immersion experience in a fairly traditional yogic lifestyle.

Give these wellness retreats in the Bahamas a visit for the most relaxing and centering experience. Sounds like a great way to start the New Year, isn’t it? To know more about our plan visit us.

Travel Resources To Plan Your Trip

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Trying to plan a vacation can be both tough and frustrating at the same time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve prepared you a couple of such travel resources to help you plan your dream vacation:

1. Tours:

Day tours are a great way to travel as it shows you places you can’t get to on your own and the food tours can introduce you to new cuisine of that particular place you’re visiting.

Take Walks: This offers fantastic and interesting tours of the big sights, adding to that some great food tours as well.

Intrepid: Small group travel for all ages and all over the world. Their tours consist of various themes, like food or cycling or wildlife or even family.

2. Accommodation:

When you’re on a vacation, where you stay majorly counts. Some of you might want to splurge for a more comfortable hotel, while some of you might sacrifice a little comfort if it saves you a little money. So, decide how important comfort is to you.

TripAdvisor: Your one-stop shop for reading hotel reviews and booking hotels as well as doing a lot of research for your upcoming trip.

Airbnb: Looking for short or long term apartment rentals? Well, you’re in the right place.

HostelWorld and HostelBookers: Giving you a wide range of hostels, guesthouses, and hotels to choose from.

HomeAway: Yet another option similar to Airbnb.

3. Cruise:

Taking a
is fascinating since it allows you to see several places at one go and you don’t even have to keep changing hostels every now and then. Take a look at these options below:

Cruise Direct: Great site for finding cruises. From traditional ocean cruises to river cruises, with last minute deals- you’ll find everything in one place.

Vacations To Go: Flexible search options for finding cruises, including a 90-day ticker for finding best deals and discounts on cruises departing within 90 days.

4. Destination Guides:

Even in this digital era, sometimes you just can’t beat a good guidebook particularly if you’re looking for the nitty-gritty.

Lonely Planet: You’ll find great sources of information about the place you’re visiting as they are written by independent travellers. You’re bound to love their visual layout as well. Try out their recommendations, they are amazing!

Apply these travel tricks to plan your vacation in the most convenient way possible. To know more call us today!

The Ultimate Check-List When Choosing Travel Insurance

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So, you’re heading overseas? Bon Voyage! But before you set sail, amidst all the excitement and holiday plans you tend to forget about the travel insurance completely. And it’s too natural for you to even think, “Nah, I’ll be fine, I won’t need it”. Right?


Now you’re wondering why this is so important. But who wouldn’t want to be protected in the much-needed break!! Here, we’ll talk about how to choose a travel insurance that best meets your needs.

Are all my Destinations Covered?

Now if you’re travelling to one particular destination, then it will be an easy one, but if you’re travelling to several countries, ensure that they are all covered. Any place that you choose to stop over, even though for a night, must be added to your policy. Also, if you are travelling on a cruise ship, don’t forget to mention all the destinations you want to cover as a part of the tour.

Are all my Belongings Covered?

While a majority of travel insurance policies will provide some extent of cover for your personal belongings, but the catch is to know how much you’re covered for. It is important to have an idea prior, otherwise, you may consider changing your policy or upscaling to cover more valuable items.

What if I lose my Luggage?

Baggage cover depends on a lot of things, for example, if you are not carrying anything expensive or valuable, save on buying premium policies by selecting an option that offers less. Suppose you lose your baggage and you are refused to get compensated for the same, if you are insured, you can claim through the insurer.

What happens if I Cancel my Trip?

Sometimes it might happen that things don’t go as planned and for that, you have to cancel your travel plans. In case you do, check that cancellation is a part of your travel insurance policy. A good and credible policy will allow you to claim lost funds. Make sure to check the maximum amount of money that you can claim back.

Know what is included in your Policy:

No brainer. Knowing what’s not included in your travel insurance is just as important as knowing what is. Don’t forget to thoroughly read the policy document which will give you all the necessary travel tips you’d be needing.

With the help of this travel insurance guide, we hope you plan your next vacation perfectly. To know more visit.

Six Travel Myths About All-Inclusive Hotels And Resorts

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The thought of waiting in a long queue for buffet might be a nightmare, I mean who wants such a thing on a beach vacation! But there’s so much more to it- from top-notch cuisine to exceptional service to amazing accommodations, there are properties that set the standard for a relaxing holiday where you don’t have to worry about anything. Let’s debunk six such myths about all-inclusive hotels and resorts.

Food is Lousy:

Most all-inclusive have restaurants serving a variety of cuisine or at least a kitchen that has a revolving menu to keep your taste buds intrigued throughout. The food being mass-prepared and long lines at buffets is surely a myth.

They’ll nickel and Dime you:

It might be of a notion that to really enjoy the perks of a resort, you’ve to go out of your budget but let’s have you corrected there. While some things like spa therapy come with a price. So it’s better to consult a travel advisor so that he can chalk out a better plan for you.

What if you be around people you don’t want to be around?

Each property is said to be different and draws a different clientele. If you are more eager to be secluded from all the hustle and bustle, there are private spaces or if you want to indulge in activities, then there’s one for you as well. And to decide better, you’re advised to consult with a trip advisor. The advisor can discover your preferences and needs and make recommendations based on the same.

Service is not up to the Mark:

You must be wondering that since everything is included, you won’t get any personal treatment. But that’s totally not true. The staff is always there to cater to all your needs. Say, for instance, you like to have Diet Coke, you’ll find the fridge stocked with it.

All accommodations are the Same:

Every resort comes with varying amenities and types of rooms to suit your taste as well as budget. Some resorts are meant for romance, some are family-friendly and some are just perfect for that one girls’ weekend getaway that you’ve been planning for. So it will be wrong to assume that all-inclusive is dull. Choosing the right type of resort should be just as tailored to your needs as any other travel plans.

Adults-Only is just for Couples:

This adults-only resort has gained popularity over the years, but it’s not limited to adults. Not only this has been enjoyed by couples but also used for reunions, bachelor parties or that ‘much needed’ break with your closest ones. So this myth that you’ve to be in pairs to make the most of such resorts is simply not true, it’s great for couples and singles alike.

All-inclusive comes with a lot of ease and peace of mind that any traveller could ask for. However, these travel myths regarding hotels and beach resorts exist because not enough people are able to find out what’s best for them. To know more about exclusive deals and offers call us today at  561-860-9739.

Exploring the Sparkling Shores of the Bahamas

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Many of the Bahamas’ islands have gained allegiance from travellers for a reason: its palm-fringed shores, sandy beaches and twinkling turquoise waters. On the contrary, its popularity also means the sparkling beaches can be overwhelmingly crowded.

For travellers willing to explore less-trodden shores and miles of pristine beach, we have curated a couple of them for you:

1. Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island: Could such a thing be real? When most of us think about the Bahamas, the first and foremost thing that crosses our minds is the beach. Pink Sands Beach is the place to visit for three miles of perfectly pink sand and gentle waters. Harbour Island clings to its tranquillity, therefore the pink sand beach is lined by private villas and resorts. If you are a newly married couple, spend the day lounging with your partner, or if a little activity gets you going, head offshore for a quick snorkelling jaunt.

2. Paradise Beach, Paradise Island: Known as Paradise Island’s most breathtaking stretch of sand, Paradise Beach retains a sultry sense of seclusion away from the common din of the otherwise bustling city life. A mile of white sand on the island’s northern shore is surrounded by lapping waves and crystal clear water. Choose to bask along a pristine coastline or get to explore more with shore excursions and in case you want some respite from the scorching sun, get under one of those thatched huts.

3. Saddle Cay, Exumas: The curving shores of Saddle Cay lure vacationers with its delightfully isolated ambience. Nothing sullies the shoreline, thereby you can enjoy this Bahamian paradise in its untouched glory. Bring snorkelling gear or prepare for a quiet afternoon admiring the sparkling beach. If this is not a way to unwind, then what is?

4. Stocking Island, Exumas: Head to the snow white shores of Stocking Island, located just over a mile from the port or Georgetown, the capital of Great Exuma Island. This island is an abode to many hotels but you can also indulge yourself in many beach activities. When you get hunger pangs, head to the beach bar, Chat n’ Chill, for some freshly-made conch salad and some beers, of course! All you beach lovers, you can easily spend a drowsy afternoon here.

5. Cat Island, Southern Bahamas: With wisps of white sandy shores strung along its coastline, Cat Island serves to be one of the island’s prettiest and most tranquil beaches. Spend the day relaxing in the midst of casuarina trees or watch the turquoise waters hug the shores at their leisure. If you’re looking for a family outing, this beach is sure to serve all your wishes.

We’re sure our picks for the best shores will help you with planning your next trip to the Bahamas. 

The Bahamas – A Perfect Family Getaway

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With its bright skies and stunning beaches, The Bahamas undoubtedly fits your family’s vacation desires. Adventure your way through the exotic islands or experience the vibrant culture, Bahamian islands has it all for you. Hop over to one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful destinations to discover why it’s truly better in the Bahamas- the family style!

Are you a history buff?

If yes, you’re in the right place because the Bahamas is known to be the tourist hub. In fact, Nassau’s rich colonial history goes all the way back to the pirate era, so grab your walking shoes and go for a museum tour. Besides, the fascinating relics of Columbus’s first arrival will surely keep your family entertained.

Kids can get up close with Caribbean creatures at Ardastra Gardens & Zoo. Located in the heart of Nassau, Ardastra Gardens & Zoo is the perfect place to spend with your kids as they enjoy feeding parrots and watching flamingos dance.

Now once your kids are done, it’s time to head to the water! Have blast interacting with dolphins at Dolphin Cay. Afterwards, explore the nearby forts of Nassau to see where soldiers kept a lookout for real pirate ships back in the day.

Embark on an aquatic adventure- zip down water slides, laze around or play in the pools, we assure you that the only thing your kids won’t like is when it’s time to leave!

With many beaches throughout these exotic islands and cays, it’s no wonder The Out Islands are known as The Family Islands. The Out Islands are appealing to families who seek for a low-key vacation- think smaller and quieter yet yearn for adventure.

Take the adventure level up a notch with Andros, Cat Island as you’ll find the deepest blue hole in the world boasting of Bahamian beauty, secluded beaches and the best fishing around.

Go for parasailing or surf to your heart’s content or simply choose to soak up the sun’s rays, this island will cater to you.

Don’t let this island’s unique small-town charm fool you. This rustic island is home to three national parks- perfect for the family longing for a Caribbean vacation.

Kids love horses and that’s a fact!

At Happy Trails Stables, you can saddle up for a morning trail ride through the woods and onto beautiful Nassau beach. Between these unique activities and the gorgeous beaches, your family will never run out of things to do! 

To really make the most of your Bahamas family vacation, treat yourselves to the grandeur of the Bahamas. To know more contact us.

Cuisines to try in the Bahamas

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One of the exciting things about travelling to a place where you’ve never visited before is getting to taste the local cuisine and flavours. Bahamian cuisine gets its inspiration from the dishes and cooking style of the American South, which is very much evident in the side dishes and seasoning used. We’ve made you a list of the most popular and unique elements of Bahamian cuisine. You might as well give these dishes a try on your next vacation to the Bahamas.


Conch, pronounced as “konk”, is considered to be the local staple and the national dish of the Bahamas. This mollusk is found throughout regional waters and its meat is cooked in multiple ways. At Arawak Cay (also known as The Fish Fry), you can watch conch salad being carefully prepared, and try conch fritters or cracked conch, battered and deep-fried conch meat seasoned to perfection. Another popular preparation of this unique seafood is conch chowder, a tomato-based soup with conch that is stewed until the meat is extremely tender.


After conch, grouper is the second-most-consumed seafood species in The Bahamas. It’s served in many ways, could be batter-dipped or sautéed, and called “fingers” because of the way it’s cut into pieces. The fish can also be steamed and served in a spicy Creole sauce.

Baked Crab:

Baked crab is also considered to be one of the best known dishes in The Bahamas. It’s a mix of eggs and the meat of either land or sea crabs with seasonings and bread crumbs. The crabs are later replaced in their shells and baked.

Peas n’ Rice:

Peas n’ rice is a staple of Caribbean cooking, and you’ll find peas n’ rice as a side dish for many Bahamian meals. The “peas” are basically pigeon peas, a hearty legume that is cooked with rice, tomatoes, onions, often some salt pork, and spices.

Bahamian Johnny Cake:

Of course, when we’re talking about Bahamian dishes, we can’t miss out on Johnny Cake. This simple bread is eaten as a snack or side dish, and its simple flavor easily compliments every meal.

Goombay Smash:

It’s a known fact that The Bahamas has a long history with rum, and it’s not a surprise that rum is a major aspect in many Bahamian cocktails, such as the Goombay Smash—which combines rum with pineapple juice and coconut—or the Bahama Mama.

Guava Duff:

The most quintessential Bahamian dessert is certainly the guava duff. This traditional Bahamian recipe combines guava fruit, sweet dough, and a special rum or brandy butter sauce to spread on the top.

Bahamian Hot Patty:

If you want some snack on the go, give a thought of grabbing a Bahamian hot patty. Baked until golden brown and filled with a blend of minced beef and veggies, certainly loved by many in the Bahamas. Don’t forget to miss out on these delicious patties while you’re on your shore excursion.

Ten Healthy Eating Tips For Travelers

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It is not easy making healthy food choices while you’re trotting around the country, living in and out of your backpacks. Healthy eating choice obviously won’t be topping your list of priorities while you’re busy camping at a wild, dusty desert or hiking through some of the roughest mountains of the world. Why waste time being fussy over food when the whole point of your big travel goal was to let go of the routine for once and live the carefree life as you’ve always wanted? While dietary health might not be at the peak of your mind when you are all busy living that dream itinerary of yours’, it’s not wise to completely ignore the healthy eating aspect either. Here are a few, simple healthy tips that’ll help you retain your strength during traveling and let the memories be all the more joyful.

Ten Eating Tips while you’re Travelling:

Travelling Tips

1. Avoid Airport Food

Airports and other public stations are infamous for shabby meals that are high on cheap calories and junk elements. Try and arrange for your own home-made food to avoid getting an upset stomach over lacklustre airport/flight food.

Eating Apple

2. Avoid long gaps between meals

Overeating can pose a lot of problems even for seasoned travellers. In order to keep yourself from overeating, keep snacking on light, healthy food throughout the day, instead of having rich and heavy meals towards the end of the day. The best option is to start your day with a filling breakfast and then reduce the food intake as the day progresses.


3. Carry protein-rich snacks

High protein foods are the best fuel for your energy drive any given time. It’s a good option to keep a stock of healthy, protein-filled snack bars or something equivalent that you can munch on anytime for a quick energy refill every time you feel the low tides approaching.

Fast Food

4. Stay away from junk food

One of the most cliché travel tips, which nonetheless should be followed more strictly than anything else on your journeys. Junk food is tempting enough for most of us, but it is also bound to make you feel tired, dehydrated and bloated afterward.

Health Food

5. Go high on whole foods

There are no better-snacking options during journeys than fresh crunchy veggies or ripe, juicy fruits. High on fibre content and water- these natural foods will replenish you from the inside.

.Healthy Meals

6. Pack your own comfort food

Everybody has one and it’s always a good idea to carry a jar or box of your choice of comfort food during your trips. These can easily serve as a good side dish and help you gulp down some bland tasting foreign foods.

Water Bottle

7. Keep yourself hydrated

There’s still no substitute for the good old water when it comes to optimal hydration. Dehydration is very common during long journeys, which may or may not lead to a number of unwanted health issues. Proper hydration is crucial if you want your vacation to be all hail and hearty, and water is your best bet for that.


8. Keep your alcohol intake to a bare minimum

Binge drinking or night-long booze sessions are not a good option while you’re travelling. If you are to steer clear of exhaustion and a hammering hangover the following day, cut back on your alcohol consumption.

Sealed Water Bottle

9. Stick to sealed water bottles

Waterborne diseases and digestion issues are quite common during foreign trips. Best travel tip here is to stay away from tap water and go for sealed and neatly packaged beverages from well-known brands.

Raw Meat

10. Avoid raw meat as much as possible

Germs can travel really fast through undercooked meat and poultry dishes. To avoid falling sick from contaminated or spoiled meat, opt for more vegetarian options. For more information visit and call us.